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We know you have questions, and here are some of our answers to the popular ones. Hit us up for more info! 

Why Soy Wax?

To save the earth, duh. But really, soybeans grow on soybean plants and can be sustainably grown. Soy scented candles also burn cleaner and better than paraffin wax, which is some nasty piece of sh*t that gives of some nasty juju. So yeah, there are some health benefits too!

What Should I Do When I Finish Burning Your Candles?

You can get another one from us 😉 In all seriousness, reuse your glass jars! Or send them back and we can make a new one at a discounted rate (we are still working this out) for you. Please do not burn your candle to the very bottom; the heat from the flame may break the jar. 

Do You Offer International Shipping?

No. We know you want a whiff of our jizz, but no we are not doing it ... yet.

What Are Your Payment Methods?

Cash, PayNow and PayLah. We cannot afford debit and credit card transaction fees. 😭

Do You Create Custom Gift Sets?

Slide into our DMs and hit us up. We might be able to make something for you.

Looking To Collab?


Okay, but we are like small. We cannot really make fancy sh*t. We like to take things slow 😉 and easy. But hit us up in our DMs to discuss further.

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